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If you're reading this you'll probably want to know a bit more about Maria. So here goes! 

Maria Timonina is a bicoastal Russian-American actress (Здравствуйте!), content creator and model. She's SAG-Eligible and received her BFA in Acting from Boston University. 

What's her casting, you may ask? She's a cute guy's girl who can kick some ass if needed. Britt Robertson's long lost sister (hey, girl, hey). A sincere and bubbly force of nature. A hero who prevails against all odds. Your next big teenage vampire/witch/alien bitch. 

Listen to her weekly podcast, "Super Into It", or watch her share the most embarrassing and/or profound moments of her life so far at story telling shows throughout LA. 

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  • NEW CONTENT: Join me on my Instagram Live for my new #studywithme sessions Monday - Friday @ 6pm PST. Don't know what a #studywithme is? Here's a helpful article

  • IT'S BACK! New episodes of the Super Into It podcast are hot and fresh out the oven. Go listen and leave us a review on iTunes please <3

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Hey hey, the podcast has been away but it's COMING BACK... SOONISH! We just wrapped a few more interviews that I'm sure you're all going to love. In the meantime, rate and review us on iTunes why don't ya? 

  • I'm finishing up a class at the renowned BGB Acting Studio. Call me in for an audition to see what I've learned ;) Read about the school here

  • This September I'm going #backtoschool with a new Russian language tutor to brush up on my skills! 

  • LIVE SHOW: Shakes on the Rocks, an improvised Shakespeare show, will be taking over the Three Clubs the second Tuesday of every month with live theatre, music, and general Shakespeare related tomfoolery. Choose our play, our parts, and our fate as we perform a 90 minute version of the Bard's work on the spot. Get tickets here. Next show is September 11th at 8:00pm. 

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: The "Super Into It" podcast will be back from summer break September 4th *cue balloons and confetti*. If you haven't yet left a review (ahem, most of you) please write one here

  • BOOKED IT: I've been cast as a main company member of Shakes on the Rocks, an improvised Shakespeare show happening the second Tuesday of every month in LA. More on that soon! 

  • LIVE SHOW: Come see me and some other talented storytellers at UCB Sunset at 5:30pm on May 5th. We'll share some real stories from our real lives. Free with UCB student ID or $5 at the door. 

  • READ: this awesome review of our Fountain Theatre show, "The Lighthouse", in the LA Times

  • LISTEN: to my new podcast "Super Into It" where I talk to people about their passions. New episodes every Tuesday! Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Soundcloud. 

  • LIVE SHOW: a role playing the dependable best friend in Amanda Kohr's new play "The Lighthouse" at the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles on April 18th & 19th, 2018. 

  • LISTEN: to my guest appearance on episode #582 of the D.H.A.P. show where I talk about starting my own podcast, my love for Pokemon and sci-fi, and how listening to your intuition is the most important gift you can give yourself. 

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John Tae Lee / Consortium Entertainment

(424) 284 - 8500


Theatrical & Commercial:

Sarah Yapelli / Black Apple Talent

(310) 913 - 3941


Hector Santos / Azuree Talent

(407) 629 - 5025


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